Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Norman Mounted Knights

A batch of Norman heavy cavalry. Horses were painted using the oil wash method described elsewhere on this blog. Riders painted seperately - undercoated  black, metal work given a light dry brush of Vallejo Oily Steel and painted up from there.

On future batches I will use very different shield colours and designs so that when based there will be much greater differentiation between shields. It makes it easier/ quicker to use similar colour schemes when doing batches.

As I intend to sell these not sure about whether to base individually, say for Saga, or in pairs for larger games where moving pieces is easier with fewer bases!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Foot Guards 1685 (in action)

Here are some pics of  King James' 1st Foot Guards at Sedgemoor. Previously I've used (mainly) Dixon figs and the unit has been in the 'at the ready' position. These Foundry figs have allowed me to do the unit 'in action.'

The Command base which will sit behind the pikemen;

Completed unit - just need to paint the base!

Next up some Norman heavy cavalry.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Otterburn 'Bits and Bobs'

I've started to complete various figures/ bases for the Otterburn units. Figures are all done so now await my next order from Claymore which is underway as we speak.

I seem to have, for the most part, become solely involved in the Otterburn campaign and am becoming increasingly keen to build up a suitable 'army sized' collection.

I have, alongside this 'Otterburn' work, managed to complete some Sedgemoor, ECW, Norman units which I intend to post but my pre-occupation with Otterburn has meant posting will have to wait till a little later. While I am preparing the figs from my latest order I will probably be able to post them as I will have little else on the Otterburn front to show!

Below is a compilation of the bits I've been doing for Otterburn.

Scots Pike:

The second base for John De Lilburn (centre) and the second base for Sir William Hilton (right).


I'm going to do 2 bases (one command, one men-at-arms) for all the units involved and then build them up to larger units. This will give me a good spread of the combatants and means I can use all the lovely flags I have from Flags of War! The only exeption will be the Percy Battle which I will do in one go as 6 bases as I have done a few figs already for this main unit.

Sir William Hilton - command base

The 'Percy Boys' - Sir Henry 'Hotspur' right and Sir Ralph on the left.

A very 'rough' mock up of my first 3 bases for the Percy battle. These are the command bases. Flags etc. all need completing and some figs re-arranging but you get the idea.


That's all the Otterburn figs painted so until the next lot arrive and are prepared for painting I'll get some other bits done and posted.

All figs are Claymore Castings and flags and shield transfers are from Flags of War.

Next up a Sedgemoor unit - the 1st Foot Guards in action using some Foundry figs I had.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More 'Otterburn'

Here are some more samples of the units I'm creating for the Otterburn 1388 Campaign.

The first pics show the command stand for John De Lilburn (English unit.)

Below - John De Lilburn's command stand all based and finished (right.)
On the left is a man-at-arms base for my next English unit Sir Robert Ogle.


A couple of knights - Sir Robert Ogle on the right. The figure on the left will be Sir Robert's trusted shield bearer on the finished base.

Sir Robert Ogle's command base complete (bar basing) with shield bearer and banner.

Flags and shield transfers by Flags of War.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

'Otterburn' Units Based

The figures for 'Otterburn' are now based and ready for action.

First up is Sir Mathew Redman's contingent followed by 2 units of English archers.

All flags and shield transfers are by Flags of War. All figures are Claymore Castings.


I'm using the archer unit below as part of the Percy's retinue. I have nearly used up all the castings I purchased from Claymore Castings so the Percy Battle itself will have to wait until I get some more. Good news is I'm close to having painted all I bought so that fits in nicely with the 'reducing the metal mountain' plan I had back in January!!

Archer unit which is part of Sir Mathew Redman's retinue:

A few painted 'bits and pieces' (including some of the new casualty figs) which I will use to make up another unit if I have enough figs.


I've been having problems loading pics into my blog hence the lack of recent posts. I think I may have been 'over heavy' on the pics on this blog as I get the impression things are starting to slow down and 'fill up' if that makes sense.

I posted some other pics of the Otterburn figs on the Steve Dean Forum last Friday under the title 'Otterburn 1388' figs but was unable to get them uploaded to this blog. I kept getting the message 'server returned invalid response' so I am none the wiser. Anyway with a bit of playing around with Picassa I've managed to get the above pics uploaded.