Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gerard's Blue Coats - ECW

I found a box of undercoated ECW musketeers in the firing position so decided to tackle them next. I need to find the other castings I have in other firing line positions - loading, preparing to fire - to make the regiment a little more varied. I also need to find suitable pikemen for a regiment in action. I bought quite a few Renegade ECW regiments early on in their offers so just need to locate them. Meantime I’ll push on with the musketeers.

 Figs are Bicorne and Renegade Miniatures - all undercoated and ready to go.

Started to add the main detail colours.

As the box of undercoated musketeers has lots of figs in it (all firing) I’ll probably paint the detail on most of these as I go along as they’ll do for other regiments - and just leave the coat colour till last. I’ll do about 8 in each coat colour and add the other firing positions in later.

I’ve decided to paint them as Gerard’s Blue coats, a Royalist regiment. I already have a completed regiment of Gerard’s 'at ease' (see below.) This completed regiment has given me the incentive to do another but in the firing position.

So far all my ECW regiments are ‘at ease’ and, as I said earlier, are based on the ‘Victory without Quarter’ rules by Quindia Studios. I intend, as far as current castings go, to repeat these regiments but in different positions – firing line, marching, advancing. I’ll also do some other regiments to add to the stock I have.

Each regiment is made up of 3 bases each 60 x 60mm. Each base has around 6 figs on it (2 bases of musketeers and one of pike/ command.) See pics below to see how it works.
(Also, visit the Quindia Studios site and look at the Articles and ECW Gallery - this is where I got my inspiration from! See link on right.)

An idea of the basing composition

Although all regiments are the same size/ ratio of pike to musket it works well for me at this stage. Like many people I like the idea/ visual effect of large pike blocks but my table size and the fact I like to paint lots of smaller regiments (for variety) means I’m happy the way the regiments look. I can easily increase the size of the regiments by painting more bases of figures should I need to do so.

Blue used was Vallejo Prussian Blue highlighted with various amounts of Vallejo Blue Grey.
Some more pics:

Now that my Sedgemoor stuff is well underway I feel comfortable in side-stepping/ dabbling in other periods as the blog develops. This allows me variety and also gets me looking at other boxes of stuff I have to do. It also provides a break from painting 'red'.

Flag by GMB Flags.


  1. Great work mate. I need to give your method a go very soon.

  2. Stunning!! Very very nice indeed.

  3. Sickenly beautiful!!! Oh, I wish I could paint like this!!!!

  4. excellent figures and an ingenious uniform system

  5. Very nice looking unit, good work !!!

    best regards dalauppror