Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Saxon Fyrd

A unit of fyrd from my 1066 Saxon army. Crusader Miniatures painted from a black undercoat.

The matt black undercoat is Revel no 6. This was recommended to me, some years ago, by the very talented painter Andrew Taylor (Scotland.) It dries incredibly flat and very quickly. What I do is thin it quite heavily with Humbrol thinners and give the figures a heavy wash - this dries very matt and allows all the detail to stand out and, as with my brown undercoat method, makes all the detail easy to see and paint. I'll post a short step through and pics when I revisit the Saxons and Normans later this year as I have a large Norman army to paint!!

Some LBM shield transfers used here and there.


  1. Very, very nice work.

  2. Hmmm . . . I've actually got some of that Revel black . . . but I'm still very much taken with your oil paint undercoat method.

    Lovely figures, bu the way!


  3. Beautiful work on these guys. They look fantastic.