Friday, 29 June 2012

Norman Foot - Axemen

Norman axemen now complete. Like the swordsmen these will be added to the units of spearmen for variety.
Once again I have used a few LBM Studios shield transfers.

Spearmen started - a few primed and underway!

Some slingers ready for painting. I have about 24 unpainted slingers which will become part of the Norman army (some probably based individually for 'Saga'.) These slingers are from the Crusader Mininatures El Cid range and should fit in quite nicely.

A sample base of Norman foot/ spearmen. Figs here are Gripping Beast plus one Crusader Miniature. (I have an unpainted Gripping Beast Norman army which I will be coming to in due course!)

Dragon shield pattern is an LBM Studios transfer.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Norman Foot - Crossbows and Swordsmen

Norman Crossbowmen

The Norman crossbowmen are now painted and are awaiting basing.

Some more crossbowsmen painted.

A few sample Norman axemen in the background

This completes the unpainted crossbowmen I have. I will probably base them up like the armoured archers as one unit to keep the theme (3 to a base.) Another option is to base them seperately so they can either be used in the 'Saga' game or grouped on a movement tray for use as a larger unit in a typical wargame.

Norman Swordsmen

I've also managed to complete 2 packs (16 figs) of Norman swordsmen. These (along with the axemen) will be added to the foot units of spearmen to make them nore varied. Some of the shields have the LBM Studios transfers on them the rest are hand painted.

I'm enjoying painting the Normans. Although each figure is generally different (from a painting point of view) it allows me to use paints I've not used for a while/ ever and allows me to experiment with different colours and colour combinations. My aim is to make figures that are generally clad in mail look a little more colourful and interesting.

Norman Axemen

It's now on to 2 packs of axemen - they are all primed and ready to go (16 figs.)

Axemen primed

Sample axemen completed


Some pics of the completed Saxons to balance the bias towards Normans at this point! More of the Saxons later.

Monday, 18 June 2012

King's Lifeguard of Foote 1644

Some pics of the King's Lifeguard of Foote 1644 (for the battle of Cropredy Bridge.) Painted over a brown undercoat and based for 'Victory Without Quarter' rules.

Last few pics show a seperate command stand (2 figs) which can be placed with the unit (back or front) to allow more flags to be used and enhance the look of the unit. Or just placed on the table for effect!

Figures are Bicorne and Renegade. Flags by GMB Flags.

The Command base.

Monday, 11 June 2012

One in the eye for Harold

Some pictures of the Norman archers completed and ready for action.

Saxons beware! Shield your eyes from the hail of arrows!