Friday, 29 June 2012

Norman Foot - Axemen

Norman axemen now complete. Like the swordsmen these will be added to the units of spearmen for variety.
Once again I have used a few LBM Studios shield transfers.

Spearmen started - a few primed and underway!

Some slingers ready for painting. I have about 24 unpainted slingers which will become part of the Norman army (some probably based individually for 'Saga'.) These slingers are from the Crusader Mininatures El Cid range and should fit in quite nicely.

A sample base of Norman foot/ spearmen. Figs here are Gripping Beast plus one Crusader Miniature. (I have an unpainted Gripping Beast Norman army which I will be coming to in due course!)

Dragon shield pattern is an LBM Studios transfer.


  1. They are lovely. What rules do you play?

  2. Great looking Normans - they look especially lively. Best, Dean

  3. They look fantastic!

    Do you touch up the LBM shield transfers after they are on?

    Any pointers?

    I have just started putting the transfers on my Norman Cavalry (Conquest Games).

    Happy Gaming,


  4. These are based for Crusader Miniatures rules. However, I'm a painter first and foremost and don't game much! I tend to sell my figs and move on to the next batch!

    Yes I do touch up the transfers. I chose a colour (usually a little darker than the transfer) and tidy up the edges to blend them in with the transfer, You'd be surprised how near the Vallejo colours come to the transfer colours and there is little differentiation between shield and transfer.

    On some transfers I virtually paint the whole thing - largely so it fits with my style of painting/ finished effect -. That's not to say I'm unhappy with the transfers - I think they are without doubt a great asset to the hobby and an ingenious solution to painting complex designs on shields.

    Hope this helps.

  5. By the way, all your comments are much appreciated and give me further motivation to paint more and more figs!