Friday, 1 June 2012

Norman 'Mailed' Archers

Unit of archers in chainmail. Photos showing progress and completion of this unit.

Figures undercoated in black and then lighltly drybrushed (over metal work) with Vallejo Oily Steel.
Then some block painting (belts, quiver, shoes, flesh, bows ...) completed.

More block painting completed then highlighted.

Those on right nearing completion. On the left a new batch underway.

With these figures in particular (each different in terms of colour of tunic, trousers ...) I paint about 4 at a time and keep a rolling program going.

Below batch 1 and 2 are about complete.

Some more armoured archers I'd painted whilst doing the last batch of unarmoured archers.

Archers on bases.

Basing complete.

Some single base close-ups.

I'm currently working on another small batch of archers in mail then it's onto the crossbow men and some slingers!


  1. Lovely work as usual. I admire your work-rate and quality.

  2. Inspiring blog snd work - keep it up !!!