Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Norman Recruits

The third batch of archers have been prepared. The progress so far is:

Undercoat is Revel Black (No. 6) heavily thinned with Humbrol Enamel Thinners. It goes on like a heavy, but very runny, wash. It dries very quickly and leaves the detail easy to see. WARNING - the smell of the thinners will blow your head off so go careful!! I needed a stint in the garden afterwards to clear my head.

(In the background some mailed archers have been prepared and started. More later.)

The 'recruits' painted;

More recruits painted;

And more;

An officer added;

I think that is all my 'Crusader Miniatures' unarmoured Norman archers painted now. This batch needs basing once I've done another casualty (or perhaps a penon bearer) to give 3 figs per base.


  1. They come up beautifully. But why the switch from brown oil undercoat to black - it is because the Norman colours do not sit so well with brown lining?

  2. Fine painting, love your colours!

  3. Majority of Normans are in mail so a black undercoat is more efficient/ appropriate. I decided to undercoat the unarmoured figs in black to keep the finished style/ effect the same throughout. The Norman colours hold up equally as well with the brown lining but not quite as 'defined' in the finished result! Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for the comments.