Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The 'Conquest' begins

Sedgemoor coming along nicely. ECW under control. 1066 Saxons in check! Seemed like a good time to open another box of castings.

It was some Normans - an army I'd bought at Salute 2011 with the intention of painting alongside my Saxons. I'd never got them started. Very recently I've been looking at the Norman gallery on Tom Weiss's site ( and reading a book on Hastings 1066 so I now had all the inspiration, and the figures, needed to get cracking.

So, I've embarked on painting Normans (circa 1066.) As I intend to have a few days break from painting over the Bank holiday weekend I painted some samples over the last 2 days to get my head around how I'll paint them.

On the desk left to right:
Sample horses (for my Normans) for the horse painting tutorial - undercoated. More of this later;
Painted Saxon archers;
completed Norman knight;
Sample painted figure I bought from Mark Sims (Crusader Miniatures sculptor) which I used as a guide;
In the background a black undercoated Norman knight and a painted 13th century knight (did I mention I really would like to do 2 armies for the Battle of Lewes 1264, sorry I digress.)

Other pics,

Close-up of painted archers

Close-up of mounted knight

Archers glued to bases and awaiting completion. A casualty figure will be added to base on left.

Decided on the following (same as my Saxons):
All soldiers to be undercoated in black.

All horses (apart from white, black and grey horses) to be oil washed over a wide variety of undercoats. I'm currently preparing a walk through of this method for those that are interested hence the undercoated horses in pic at top.

Basing as per Saxons - 40mm x 40mm for foot with varying numbers of figs depending on type i.e. 3 per base for archers... This method of basing is taken from the 'Crusader' Rules but I think it will be suitable for others!! (but I'm no expert here.)

I'll try to show how I paint these Normans over the coming weeks!


  1. I do like these. Very nicely done!

  2. My two handicapped son's would love your blog...they are war buff's. And my oldest is a rebel(youd think he was from the south) he say's their gonna rise again!!!!
    Have a great day.

  3. Lovely clean painting. Nice job!