Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Norman Archers

First batch of Norman archers completed and based.

Second batch painted and awaiting basing. I need  a casualty figure and a couple of mailed archers to complete this unit - this should give the unit more variety!

How they may look when based.

I'm trying to decide whether a full command base ( officer, standard bearer, musician) would be appropriate for these archers or maybe just an unarmoured officer with sword and a couple more archers. I'll see what figures I have - this can be added later.

Painting Horses Part 2 following shortly!


  1. Beautiful!!!!! I'd go with the later an officer with a sword for the command stand.

  2. Really nice. Great use of colours.
    On a different note - the trees on the table in the background (the closest ones). They look like something I'd like to get my hands on. Any pointers on where I can find them?
    Best regards,