Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Painting Horses (Part 2)

Part 2 - Painting the Detail

I'll just guide you through the samples I've painted here. There are many, many variations you can do to change the general look of the figure but this tutorial is to basically show the process.

Firstly I matt black the tails, manes, eye/ nostril sockets and the metal work (bit/ buckles.)
For tails/ manes that are not black I've drydrushed them with Vallejo Green Ochre.

Main detail:
Hooves painted with Vallejo English Uniform.
Reigns/ straps are Vallejo Red Leather (front 3), Foundry Rawhide A (back 4) and Vallejo Flat Green (on right.)
Base Vallejo Chocolate brown.


Drybrush black tails/ manes with Vallejo Dark Sea Grey ( or any medium/ light grey.)
Drybush Green ochre tails/ manes with Vallejo Dark Sand.

Highlight reigns with Vallejo Orange Brown (over red leather), Foundry Rawhide B (over rawhide A) and Vallejo Olive Green (over Flat green.)

Socks/ blaze on horse Vallejo light grey highlighted Matt White.
Tiny dot of Vallejo light grey on eyeball (just to give the impression of reflection off wet eyes.)

Metal work highlighted with Citadel Chainmail.

Final  gentle highlight of Vallejo light grey on tops of Tail/ mane.

Thats it then.  Horse are ready for their mounts.
Hope this helped some of you with horses.

Now try all kinds of variations.
Different coloured reigns - black, Foundry spearshaft, Deep buff leather, Buff leather or any other brown/ colour appropriate to your period.
Different undercoats - many of the Humbrol Yellows, browns, khakis, orange , linen .... and many of the Vallejos - Orange brown, Desert Sand, yellow ochre ....
Different oils - Burnt Sienna, Raw umber, Vandyke Brown ( and mix these oils for even more variety.)

Next up: my Salute 2012 painting competition entry - Lord Brooke's Purple coat regiment 1642.


  1. An excellent post, thanks!!!
    I'm looking forward to your Lord Brooks regt, It's got to be the best uniformed regt of the war!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your tips and your blog of course;

    a great source of inspiration for me and many others for sure;

    Best regards from France


  3. Very helpful! Horse colours are always something I struggle with but your posts have definitely provided encouragement!

  4. very good tutorial!!! perhaps i will try it with acrylic as basecolor before the use of oil-color. thanks a lot for this tutorial!!!

  5. No doubt the best tutorial on painting 28mm horses that I've come across (and I've looked at many). Now I can't wait to try it out. Thanks!