Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Claymore Castings ' Otterburn Range'

Here are my attempts at some of the Otterburn figures from Claymore Castings. The figures are delightful and a pleasure to paint. My WIP on these figs is shown below.

I have painted all of these from a black undercoat and am experimenting with various colours/ colour schemes until I decide how I want the units to look. I have used Dave Imrie and Andrew Taylor's colour schemes as my starting point as they look perfect for the period (and who could doubt their choices when it comes to beautifully painted figs!!)

The 'Scot Spearmen'


The unit progresses with more figures being based.


The completed Scottish unit of Sir John Swinton.

The Archers
First batch are for Percy's retinue;

Second batch for Sir Matthew Redman's retinue;


The flags are by Flags of War which are superb.


  1. Great stuff i like the way you paint more tutarials please

  2. Those are stunning looking figures and the brush work is marvelous too! I think that your pictures have pushed me into the Claymore figures camp for my upcoming Medieval Campaign. Which figures will you be using for mounted men at arms since Claymore doesn't appear to make them yet?

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    I will be patiently waiting for Claymore castings mounted troops. I have plenty of foot to be doing in the meantime. Their range is steadily growing and personally I think the mounted troops will be worth the wait!