Tuesday, 2 October 2012

'Otterburn' Units Based

The figures for 'Otterburn' are now based and ready for action.

First up is Sir Mathew Redman's contingent followed by 2 units of English archers.

All flags and shield transfers are by Flags of War. All figures are Claymore Castings.


I'm using the archer unit below as part of the Percy's retinue. I have nearly used up all the castings I purchased from Claymore Castings so the Percy Battle itself will have to wait until I get some more. Good news is I'm close to having painted all I bought so that fits in nicely with the 'reducing the metal mountain' plan I had back in January!!

Archer unit which is part of Sir Mathew Redman's retinue:

A few painted 'bits and pieces' (including some of the new casualty figs) which I will use to make up another unit if I have enough figs.


I've been having problems loading pics into my blog hence the lack of recent posts. I think I may have been 'over heavy' on the pics on this blog as I get the impression things are starting to slow down and 'fill up' if that makes sense.

I posted some other pics of the Otterburn figs on the Steve Dean Forum last Friday under the title 'Otterburn 1388' figs but was unable to get them uploaded to this blog. I kept getting the message 'server returned invalid response' so I am none the wiser. Anyway with a bit of playing around with Picassa I've managed to get the above pics uploaded.


  1. Really impressive, love your painting style. I'm nowhere near this good but please have a look at my Otterburn collection from about six years ago. These were done long before the Claymore figures, flags and (as you will see by the iffy painting) transfers came out.
    All the best,

  2. Very, very nice work. They look great together as a unit too. Best, Dean

  3. I think it's a given that you know I'm impressed by the figures. However, re the blog, I've seen a couple of blogs lately that have had similar problems and one who's owner had been told he'd reached capacity on his blog. It might be an idea to dump some old stuff (those pictures you like least, say) and see if that gives any improvement.

  4. This might be the "Best Looking Wargame Unit" of 2012, as far as I'm concerned. Lovely figures and brushwork.

    Could you tell us how you did the red tunics?

  5. Stunning paint job, very impresive !

    Greate looking unit !

    Best regards Michael

  6. Thanks for the supportive comments.
    Dave I used your site on many occasions and really find it useful for info on Otterburn

    Thanks Crazy Joe I'll look into your suggestion and remove some images in the near future.

    Der Alte Fritz - fine praise indeed - thanks.
    Red tunics are (over black undercoat) Vallejo cavalry brown then Vallejo scarlet (worked on carefully a couple of times) and final highlights are Vallejo gamer colour hot orange. A bit of practice and you should get the desired results!!