Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Otterburn 'Bits and Bobs'

I've started to complete various figures/ bases for the Otterburn units. Figures are all done so now await my next order from Claymore which is underway as we speak.

I seem to have, for the most part, become solely involved in the Otterburn campaign and am becoming increasingly keen to build up a suitable 'army sized' collection.

I have, alongside this 'Otterburn' work, managed to complete some Sedgemoor, ECW, Norman units which I intend to post but my pre-occupation with Otterburn has meant posting will have to wait till a little later. While I am preparing the figs from my latest order I will probably be able to post them as I will have little else on the Otterburn front to show!

Below is a compilation of the bits I've been doing for Otterburn.

Scots Pike:

The second base for John De Lilburn (centre) and the second base for Sir William Hilton (right).


I'm going to do 2 bases (one command, one men-at-arms) for all the units involved and then build them up to larger units. This will give me a good spread of the combatants and means I can use all the lovely flags I have from Flags of War! The only exeption will be the Percy Battle which I will do in one go as 6 bases as I have done a few figs already for this main unit.

Sir William Hilton - command base

The 'Percy Boys' - Sir Henry 'Hotspur' right and Sir Ralph on the left.

A very 'rough' mock up of my first 3 bases for the Percy battle. These are the command bases. Flags etc. all need completing and some figs re-arranging but you get the idea.


That's all the Otterburn figs painted so until the next lot arrive and are prepared for painting I'll get some other bits done and posted.

All figs are Claymore Castings and flags and shield transfers are from Flags of War.

Next up a Sedgemoor unit - the 1st Foot Guards in action using some Foundry figs I had.


  1. Some great painting. They look excellent.
    One question. Where did you get those trees seen in the background?
    Best regards,

  2. You're not doing my "I don't do medievals" viewpoint any good here. Lovely set of figures and nice colours. like the yellow - clean without being gaudy if that makes sense. Smashing job/


  3. Tall single tree is from 'Realistic Modelling Services', clusters of trees from Last Valley who attend many of the UK shows and I think sell on eBay.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. These are fantastic - absolutely stunning painting.


  5. These look fantastic - I am so very tempted to do some.

    Any chance of you doing a painting horses tutorial ?

    BTW I do hope you're not neglecting your ACW ....