Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Percy 'Battle' 1388

Here is the Percy Battle for the Otterburn Project I'm working on. I must say these figures are exquisite and I'm on the verge of painting nothing else (much) in the near future apart from these - we'll see how it goes.

There are 6 bases in this battle. The front line contains the personalities. I can add (and intend to) more stands as and when I complete them to make this a large battle and it should look impressive.

I've based this extensively on the Percy battle produced by Dave Imrie (Saxon Dog blog) so I must thank him for the inspiration, colour schemes and distribution of figures on the bases. In time I'll start thinking for myself but it speeds things up when starting a new project if you can be guided by experts in the field!

Flags are by Flags of War - they look great!! I keep meaning to thank Darrell Hindley for his tutorial on the Saxon Dog site. He clearly describes his method of making the L - shaped banner. I've used his method for every banner and it works perfectly every time - just follow every step he outlines and the results are fantastic. So thanks for that Darrell!

The bases are not complete but wanted to post this week. Will show finished items next time.
(As the light was fading a few pics seem a little blurred but you get the idea.)

Fist up the Front row
Henry Percy (Hotspur) is on the right and his brother Ralph is on the centre base.

Next the rear row

The full Battle


Just the basing to complete then its onto another Scots unit - Drummond and Montgomery.


  1. You will be glad to know that me and David have started the work on the next 24 Knights for Otterburn :D

  2. Can't wait Iain. I'd better get cracking then!

  3. Between you and the Dog I am a goner, I have your Douglas battle up as a screensaver and perry figures Going to angle more to Coontinental conflicts) on order....really nice work and thanks for the inspiration

  4. Stunning paint job, looks realy good !

    Base size? 50x50mm ?

    Best regards Michael

  5. Beautiful work, will look forward to seeing this projects progress.
    All the best

  6. Beautiful work as always. Truly works of art. Best, Dean