Friday, 30 November 2012

Scots Archers 1388

I've been painting quite prolifically this week with a view to getting to a certain point with this collection before taking it easy over Christmas and getting the Christmas preparations underway.

I managed to paint all the figs for the Earls of March and Moray (Scots) but ran out of suitably sized bases.

I've also done enough figs (I think) for a small unit for Sir Thomas Erskine (Scots.)

I hope to buy some basing material whilst Christmas shopping tomorrow or at RECON (the Pudsey Wargames Show) tomorrow morning. I can then get them based and finished before Christmas - here's hoping!! I like to run a tight schedule but will really enjoy the festive period, mainly free from figure painting .

I did, however, also manage to paint a unit of archers and had enough bases to finish them off.

Here is a unit of Scots Archers made up from various retinues. They are under the Douglas banner and safely behind stakes as they will be protecting the baggage camp from those English rascals!


Here a few WIP pics of the other figs I've done ready to be based ASAP.

Sir Thomas Erskine and friends:

Earls March and Moray and retainers:

A couple of casualties I tucked in to the painting schedule. Douglas on the left and an English knight.

Next up - Above units based and complete. 


  1. The blacklining, especially on the livery, really makes these pop. Nice work!

  2. Stunning paint jobb, very impressive !

    Get realy happy to visit your blog and se all the nicely painted minis, Just love it:)

    Best regards Michael

  3. Fantastic work, really like the clean colours and heraldry. Despite this being a period of history I'm interested in I've never gamed it; this blog may well tip me over the edge.
    Best Regards HGA.

  4. Superb painting as always and your collection is expanding nicely.

  5. These just look amazing, i'm going to look at Calymore casting's web site now!

  6. As all else have been stating - truly superb painting here. Wonderful to see. Best, Dean

  7. Outstanding. I have some of these figures but you are tempting me into more.

    Can I ask how you paint the bows?


  8. Great looking units all in. Excellent really.

    Your casualties are looking pretty good too. Maybe Douglas should be under a bush though :-)

    Gives me the inspiration to get on with painting my Claymore figs.