Monday, 10 December 2012

Completed Scots Units 1388

First up Sir Thomas Erskine of Alloa. This unit will line up alongside Sir John Swinton's to create another Schiltron.


Next John Dunbar, Earl of Moray and George Dunbar, Earl of March forming another Scot Schiltron.

That completes the main units I was hoping to do before Christmas.

I'm currently working on some figs to comprise the Douglas stand/ unit but I'm in no hurry to complete that - it will be done at an 'as and when' pace as I intend to enjoy the Christmas festivities to the full!!

Here's a few I've done already. These will 'bulk out' the Douglas and Douglas Standard Bearer figures who will be centre stage.

The Knight (second left) is Sir John Lindsey of Dunford who played an important role around the Douglas command so he will be included here - more details on this later (when I get my facts correct.)

All figs are from Claymore Castings.
Fantastic flags from Flags of War.

Thanks for all your previous comments on my work - they are warmly recieved and much appreciated.


  1. wow great work Roy. You are doing a great job on these.

  2. Gorgeous stuff! Just wonderful. Solid pictures too. May I ask what you're using for lighting, etc.?


  3. Excellent work on these. Do you know who sculpts these for Claymore? they look a little similar to some of the Kingmaker Hussites I have.
    Best Regards HGA.

  4. I just use the natural light through my study window.

    The figs are sculpted by the very talented Paul Hicks.

  5. STUNNING !!!

    Lovely work !

    best regards Michael

  6. Fabulous painting! Colours are great, and the banners look astonishing.

  7. Fantastic work, those stands are wonderful, banners, colours and bases are impressive!