Monday, 28 January 2013

ECW Regiments

Alongside the Otterburn figs I've been slowly completing/ adding to my ECW units. This collection is growing and is steadily using up some of my unpainted castings.

The following regiments have allowed me to continue using my 'Oil Rub' undercoat method as all the Otterburn figs were done using the 'black' undercoat method. Switching between the 2 methods gives variety and prevents me from losing touch with either.

Both units below are FOR SALE. If interested email me at:

(My ECW stuff, all of which is for sale, works out at £12.00 for foot figs and £20.00 for cavalry. Most of the units previously  featured in the blog are still available plus others not posted yet. All based and painted in the same style. List available on request.)

First up is a regiments of foot - the very popular Rupert's Lifeguard of Foote (blue coats.)

Secondly a Roundhead cavalry regiment.





Both flags from GMB Flags.
Figs by Bicorne and Renegade.

Incidently, if you didn't already know, the new Claymore Castings cavalry are now available and they look fabulous!!


  1. When you consider the cost of the bare metal plus they have been based, £12 is good value for the standard of painting. Best of luck with the sale.