Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Andrew Potley's Yellow Coats

Some pics of a Parliamentarian yellow coat regiment. Could be any yellow coat regiment but I've done this one as Sir Andrew Potley's as at the battle of Cropredy Bridge 1644.

Figs by Renegade and Bicorne. Flag hand painted.

I was beginning to be owerwhelmed by the choices of what to paint due to the vast array of castings I have and the interest in the various periods which was exciting me (Sedgemoor, ECW, Dark Ages, and more recently the Otterburn campaign 1388.) I decided to just choose the figs, paint them (and enjoy painting them) and not stick to any rigid plans. That was my plan last year and it seemed to work - so I'm going to repeat that this year.

All being well I should have a good mix of periods to post during the year and some more tutorials on how I do the painting - though I feel I've oulined the main principles of my methods and the rest is just a case of sitting down and doing it.

Andrew Potley's Regiment of Foot

Individual bases

This unit is for sale £230. Email interest to

A final note. Thanks for all your interest in the figs I am selling - the response has been fantastic.


  1. Wonderful looking unit, painting of the figures, flags and basing are all superb.

  2. Greate looking unit !

    Good luck with the sell, shouldent be any problen I reccon as the minis are truly stunning:)

    Best regards Michael

  3. They look fantastic. Great job on the yellow too. I haven't entered this period, but your work definitely makes it appealing. Best, Dean

  4. Very nice unit - yellow is a great colour - can you share what yellow it is

  5. Thanks for the comments.
    Yellow is (over brown undercoat) Gamecolor scrofulous brown then Citadel Golden yellow then either citadel Sunburst yellow or Vallejo flat yellow for variation.
    Hope this helps.

  6. fantstic figures and painting