Thursday, 21 February 2013

ECW Green Coat Regiment

This is a Royalist Green Coat Regiment which could be any green coat regiment really.

Not much to say about this other than I was using (mainly) one of many Renegade Miniatures regiments I had bought quite a while ago when the figures worked out at about 49p each. The Officer pointing, drummer and odd other figure are from the Bicorne range.

The green coat is a Miniature Paints Dark Green and/or Vallejo Flat Green highlighted with Vallejo Olive Green.


Next up some Front Rank Sedgemoor figures I've been trying out - I just love anthing Sedgemoor!!


  1. Fantastic looking troops, colors are great, and painting style excellent!

  2. Beautiful painting, looking forward to more Sedgemoor figures.

  3. Love your regiments the colours pop and would be a joy to see on the table top!

  4. Your painting style is fantastic!! Very clean and bright colours!!