Friday, 15 March 2013

Royalist ECW Cavalry c.1644

Just completed and added another Royalist cavalry regiment to my Cropredy Bridge 1644 collection. Not sure just yet which regiment this will be - I need to find my GMB Flags and choose a suitable one.

Tried to give a flavour of pistols and swords on this attacking/charging unit.

Some pics of the regiment. Once flag attached they are good to go!

The Regiment:

Individual bases:

Again, with the ECW stuff, a mix of Bicorne and Renegade Miniatures.

(Sedgemoor artillery gunners and all guns for King's Army completed bar the basing. And, half a dozen dismounted Royal Dragoons finished. Will post pics and progress of these next time!!)


  1. Great looking cavalry, details are amazing...

  2. They're absolutely horrible. Completely defective. You must send them to me immediately to hide their ugliness from the world.

    AIGF and tongue FIRMLY in cheek. They're really quite nice - you managed to get an excellent color on the buffcoats and hats, and that makes the unit.

  3. Superbly painted and based group of cavalry. Well done! Best, Dean