Monday, 28 January 2013

ECW Regiments

Alongside the Otterburn figs I've been slowly completing/ adding to my ECW units. This collection is growing and is steadily using up some of my unpainted castings.

The following regiments have allowed me to continue using my 'Oil Rub' undercoat method as all the Otterburn figs were done using the 'black' undercoat method. Switching between the 2 methods gives variety and prevents me from losing touch with either.

Both units below are FOR SALE. If interested email me at:

(My ECW stuff, all of which is for sale, works out at £12.00 for foot figs and £20.00 for cavalry. Most of the units previously  featured in the blog are still available plus others not posted yet. All based and painted in the same style. List available on request.)

First up is a regiments of foot - the very popular Rupert's Lifeguard of Foote (blue coats.)

Secondly a Roundhead cavalry regiment.





Both flags from GMB Flags.
Figs by Bicorne and Renegade.

Incidently, if you didn't already know, the new Claymore Castings cavalry are now available and they look fabulous!!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy New Year/ Figs for Sale

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! Sorry it's a bit late but I've been very busy sorting stuff out at home.

Last Year
When I started this blog last January it was my intention to run it for 1 year to see how it went and to give a focus to my attempt at reducing the 'Metal Mountain.' I wasn't sure whether to continue this year as it may well have become 'more of the same' and not very inspiring. I'd covered most of my personal painting tips and others are already very available via the net or books/mags...

In summary the blog achieved it's aim - I methodically painted lots of figs (more than I posted.) A surprising side effect was the interest in the blog, the followers and the motivation I got from the many positive comments and interest in how I did things. I really appreciated people visiting and commenting on the postings.

This Year
Last year it was sorting out the 'Metal Mountain' of unpainted castings. This year I've been sorting out all the painted figs I've got (both painted by me and those I've bought from other painters/ collectors.) I've boxed them up as collections (large and small) and produced lists for potential buyers.

Over the couse of 2012 I painted quite alot of figs and didn't really focus on the selling of them. Quite a few pieces went but largely through word of mouth and to people I know in the hobby. So that I can clear the decks of painted figs (remember I'm a painter NOT a collector) I intend to focus a little more on selling this year.

I prefer to sell to peole in the UK and to those I can meet (deliver the figs to) at shows because I don't want the figures to be damaged in the post. Most of the figs I've painted have spears/ pikes/ bills etc which are far too difficult to parcel up securely and the chances of them being damaged is quite high. I know some professional painters have to do this all the time but to be perfectly honest I can't face doing this!! I know this reduces considerably the market for buyers but we'll see how it goes.

My plan is to continue painting to complete units/ create new ones and then post picks as usual but advertise them as 'For Sale.' I'll also post again some pics of units I've already done (and posted previously) with details of the price etc
I charge around £10-12.50 per foot fig and all those figs from the blog postings (unless already sold) are available to buy. (These are prices for my painting and all figs on the blog were painted by me - I'll make it clear if I sell figs painted by other painters.)

So, let's start this year  in similar fashion to last year with a Sedgemoor 1685/ Late 17th century unit.

1st Foot Guards FOR SALE SOLD -thanks for all your interest.

This is the 1st Foot Guards Battalion in marching order. They are mainly a mix of Foundry Figs and Dixon Miniatures (23 figs.) They are based for 'Beneath the Lily Banners' rules ( 45 x 50mm.) The 2 flags are hand painted.
Price: £250 (£10.00 per fig/flag which includes the casting and basing.)
If you are interested email me at:

(I will be attending the York show, Vapnartak, on Sun Feb 3rd so I could  bring them to the show.)