Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Claymore Castings ' Otterburn Range'

Here are my attempts at some of the Otterburn figures from Claymore Castings. The figures are delightful and a pleasure to paint. My WIP on these figs is shown below.

I have painted all of these from a black undercoat and am experimenting with various colours/ colour schemes until I decide how I want the units to look. I have used Dave Imrie and Andrew Taylor's colour schemes as my starting point as they look perfect for the period (and who could doubt their choices when it comes to beautifully painted figs!!)

The 'Scot Spearmen'


The unit progresses with more figures being based.


The completed Scottish unit of Sir John Swinton.

The Archers
First batch are for Percy's retinue;

Second batch for Sir Matthew Redman's retinue;


The flags are by Flags of War which are superb.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

ECW Dragoons (2)

Here are the yellow and blue coat dragoons - could be used by either side during the war.

I've used all the dragoon castings I could find - when/if I find some more I'll do another 6 in blue coats giving 3 regiments of 9 men each. Command figs will be done at a later stage.





Next up some pics of my first real attemp at a unit of Claymore Castings 'Otterburn' figures - a unit of Scots. Despite my efforts not to spend this year and focus on the existing 'Metal Mountain' I have been swept away by this range and have started a small collection based largely on the collection of Dave Imrie (Saxon Dog.) which he and Andrew Taylor displayed at the Claymore Show this year.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back from holiday and back to normal. Brushes and paints are all back in action.

Here are some ECW dragoons I've been doing - just completed the last few although some were done a while ago.
First batch are red coats - these will serve as Okey's Dragoons of the New Model Army.

Castings are from Renegade - these particular castings, if I'm honest, are not my favourites from Renegade but do look ok when painted and based.

 These are based for 'Victory Without Quarter' rules by Quindia Studios.


Next up ECW dragoons in yellow and blue coats.