Thursday 28 March 2013

Monmouth 'Sythemen' Unit

Some pics of the Sedgemmor 'sythemen' component of the first rebel unit. I've started the musketeers for this unit but nothing to show yet. As I paint more of these I may do a bit of swopping around to give a better look to the final unit but you get the idea. Some more pikemen will be added and a few figs in more 'military' clothing/ colours.

I have completed the dismounted Royal Dragoons ( 23 figs - all the ones I had.) Next I'll be focusing on completing enough musketeers for a rebel unit and starting on the mounted Royal Dragoons.

No more posts until after the Easter hols!! Happy Easter to you all.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Sedgemoor 'Progress'

My progress so far with the Front Rank Miniatures Sedgemoor figs.

King's/ Royal Artillery

Firstly the artillery. I have done 4 smaller/battalion guns each with 2 crew. These were moved around the battlefield and were manned by a mix of gunners and men drawn from the ranks/ regiments (eg. men from Dumbarton's reg't were used.)

Pics of the smaller guns below. I've purposely not based them yet until I've decided on the basing sizes and if  any other figs can be used to give more variation.

There were a number of larger/ emplaced guns at Sedgemoor. These have been represented by 4 bases each containing a gun and 4 crew. The fourth base is not yet quite complete as I want to add some unarmoured pikemen holding various equipment (rammer, sponge ..) I need to find them !!

Basing again not complete due to working out base size and also because I need to paint some 'bits' to add in such as buckets, piles of canon balls and the usual paraphernalia!

Guns are described as being of 'red ledde' with a dark crimson appearance so have tried to achieve that effect (my interpretation) on most of the guns.

Dismounted Royal Dragoons

Pics of dragoons so far (another 4 just finished but not photoed yet!) My impression is they fought (mainly) dismounted at Sedgemoor but not as 'skirmishers' as we usually think of them. More of as a unit (but looser order) protecting the flanks of the Royal Regiments. Not sure how to base them - either individually or on bases, of say 3 or 4, but spread out a bit!!

Anyway, I can sort that out later let's just get the rascals painted first!

Next up 'Sythemen' component of fist rebel unit!

Friday 15 March 2013

Royalist ECW Cavalry c.1644

Just completed and added another Royalist cavalry regiment to my Cropredy Bridge 1644 collection. Not sure just yet which regiment this will be - I need to find my GMB Flags and choose a suitable one.

Tried to give a flavour of pistols and swords on this attacking/charging unit.

Some pics of the regiment. Once flag attached they are good to go!

The Regiment:

Individual bases:

Again, with the ECW stuff, a mix of Bicorne and Renegade Miniatures.

(Sedgemoor artillery gunners and all guns for King's Army completed bar the basing. And, half a dozen dismounted Royal Dragoons finished. Will post pics and progress of these next time!!)

Monday 11 March 2013

Monmouth's Rebels -Samples

Below are some pics of the sample Monmouth Rebels I've been working on. The figures are all Front Rank Miniatures.

I've been trying to get the correct 'look' of the figures, that I'm happy with, for the late 17th century. This, obviously, is just my interpretation but it had to be right for me. Once I'm happy with the look of the finished samples I can begin painting units. (I did this with the Otterburn figs previously posted but fortunately I had Dave Imrie's figs to go on and the look he achieved for his figs was the one I also wanted.)

The 'look' I wanted here was a slightly 'scruffy', earthy look to the figs. I wanted to paint them neatly but also have the feel of the period. Colours, for the most part, not too bright for this mainly civilian army. I think this is where the brown undercoat paid off (like with my ECW stuff.) It gives a less pristine finish and personally I think it works here but each to their own.

The figs on a sample base. Still haven't decided on whether to do 6 figs per base (eg. for 'Lily Banners' rules) or 4 per base.

The individual figs:

A few Rebel Command figs:

 I'm currently working on completing all the artillery figs/guns I need for the King''s Army at Sedgemoor.
And completing some Royalist ECW cavalry.

More of that next time.

Thursday 28 February 2013

Front Rank - Sedgemoor Figs

Some time ago, when Front Rank brought out their new late 17th Century range, I bought quite alot of their stuff with a view to doing the Sedgemoor campaign again!! I thought I'd demo a few to see how I planned to paint them.

I, once again, decided to use the 'brown undercoat/oil wash'  method I've used on all my ECW stuff.

Below are some examples of the artillery figures done up as the King's artillery train with helping hands from Dumbarton's regiment and recruited civilians/matrosses to do the carrying, lifting and pulling!!

Early days to be thinking about basing etc. Just thought I'd try a few to get in the swing. Unfortunately I keep getting that 'Otterburn' twinge and feel it won't be long before I drift that way again. Who knows!!?

Dunbarton's helpers with the white cuffs!