Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sedgemoor 'Progress'

My progress so far with the Front Rank Miniatures Sedgemoor figs.

King's/ Royal Artillery

Firstly the artillery. I have done 4 smaller/battalion guns each with 2 crew. These were moved around the battlefield and were manned by a mix of gunners and men drawn from the ranks/ regiments (eg. men from Dumbarton's reg't were used.)

Pics of the smaller guns below. I've purposely not based them yet until I've decided on the basing sizes and if  any other figs can be used to give more variation.

There were a number of larger/ emplaced guns at Sedgemoor. These have been represented by 4 bases each containing a gun and 4 crew. The fourth base is not yet quite complete as I want to add some unarmoured pikemen holding various equipment (rammer, sponge ..) I need to find them !!

Basing again not complete due to working out base size and also because I need to paint some 'bits' to add in such as buckets, piles of canon balls and the usual paraphernalia!

Guns are described as being of 'red ledde' with a dark crimson appearance so have tried to achieve that effect (my interpretation) on most of the guns.

Dismounted Royal Dragoons

Pics of dragoons so far (another 4 just finished but not photoed yet!) My impression is they fought (mainly) dismounted at Sedgemoor but not as 'skirmishers' as we usually think of them. More of as a unit (but looser order) protecting the flanks of the Royal Regiments. Not sure how to base them - either individually or on bases, of say 3 or 4, but spread out a bit!!

Anyway, I can sort that out later let's just get the rascals painted first!

Next up 'Sythemen' component of fist rebel unit!


  1. Great looking sculpts and painting. Very, very nicely done. Best, Dean

  2. Superb painting, and such a lot of it!

  3. life is an adventure. mountain adventure is one of them. liked your site.
    paul's outdoor adventures

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