Thursday, 26 January 2012

Harold and his Huscarls

A slight deviation from the Sedgemoor stuff while I get the next unit ready!
Crusader Miniatures Saxons. Part of a Saxon Army (1066) I have been working on. In my 'metal mountain' I have loads of Normans and I will be doing a Norman Army to match these using Crusader Miniatures and Gripping Beast Normans.

These were painted using a black undercoat – more of that later – this is just a ‘taster’ for now. Shields painted by hand with occasional LBM transfer (which I highly recommend!)
Crusader Miniatures are a pleasure to paint and much of the inspiration for painting these came from Tom Weiss – a truely remarkable painter!


  1. Very nice looking unit - would love to see some close-ups of the individual bases too.

  2. Very nice work. I like the "light patterns" on your shields -- you painted those in yourself, did you not?

  3. Glad you like them. Shields painted by me (except for the odd transfer!) Thanks for the comments.
    Simon - some close-ups coming shortly.


  4. This is cracking good stuff! Well done. That is one of the better Harold figures I've seen.