Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kirke's Regiment of Foot 1685

Kirke’s Regiment of foot – The Queen Dowager’s 1685.
I was going to show pics of the painting as it developed but got side tracked with showing my painting methods. So here's the finished thing! Mainly Dixon minis. Flags painted by me (though I don't regard myself as a flag painted - many out there do it much better.) Flags made larger to give greater presence as inspired by League of Augsburg/ Barry Hilton!

I’ve not done the Genadier company yet. I’ll do all the grenadiers for each regiment together as they take more time (extra detail....) and once I get them started it’s easier to paint the lot in one go (you get to know your way around painting the figure.) Also, I need to find some more grenadiers, especially the ones with fur caps and then I’ll get cracking on them.

During my big sort out of castings and part painted figs I’ve found all sorts of interesting things – some very new (Warefare Miniatures LOA figures) and some quite old! One particular follower of this site may have a special interest in the ‘older’ figs. More later when I’ve painted them!!