Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Horse Guards Complete

Horse Guard Troops are now based and complete.

I'll probably add more to these to make the units slightly larger depending on the remaining figures I have after I've done all the Oxford Blues and Rebel cavalry.

The standard bearer currently has no cornet. I'm happy to wait until 'Flags of War' produce their cavalry flags as I really like their work on the Monmouth Rebellion (as well as their other stuff!)

1st troop complete

3rd Troop complete

All three Horse Guard Troops complete and on the table.


  1. That's some really nice work, will look great on the game table. I love the basing work.

  2. Quite splendid. They will look outstanding on the gaming table. They look like they mean the business!

    I agree on the bases, they look pretty universally exchangable - IE, they will work well on any table but snow.

  3. Excellent stuff! Really like the basing as well

  4. Lovely, lovely work. As. Ever !

  5. Great painting 1st troop red saddle cloth 2nd troop green what is the 3rd troop colour?