Monday, 16 April 2012

More Sedgemoor Cavalry (and a reference to Claymore Castings!)

Hope you all had a good Easter break. I spent mine up in Northumberland walking the coastal paths and visiting castles. Hence the lack of posts recently.

In Alnwick town, just outside the castle walls, there is a large statue of Henry (Hotspur) Percy in all his armour etc which was erected in 2010. It immediately brought to mind the Claymore Castings range of Scottish medievals. The Claymore Castings project, run by Dave Imrie (see Saxon Dog link) and Andrew Taylor, is fantastic as are the castings by Paul Hicks and the flags by 'Flags of War.' I have to confess that despite my intention of not buying any figs this year I bought a 24 man unit deal from Claymore and the figures are second to none. I hope to paint some up later this year!!

Claymore Castings link:
Flags Of War link:

It's been hard to settle recently as the build up to Salute this Saturday is gathering momentum. I can't wait for the day to arrive!

Now where were we? Oh yes. More Sedgemoor cavalry.

King's Horse Guard

Below are some pics of the King's Horse Guards - 1st and 2nd troop - I've been working on. The 1st troop has red saddle cloth and holsters and the 3rd troop has yellow saddle cloth, holsters and carbine belt trim.
Figures are a mix of Dixon and Foundry.

I'm working on the basing as we speak so will hopefully post finished pics later this week.

1st Troop

3rd Troop

The space on one stand is for a standard bearer I'm just finishing.

The 2 Troops together,

Next up - photos of the based troops.


  1. These look wonderful...keep up the exellent work.

  2. Very very nice. Great work.

  3. Super work (as ever). Your enthusiasm is infectious too. I'm getting those pre-Salute show vibes too:))!