Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sedgemoor Cavalry

Here are some pics of the King's Regiment of Horse Guards (Life Guards) as at Sedgemoor in 1685.

The figs represent the 2nd Troop which is identified by the green trim on the holster caps, saddle cloth and carbine belt.

5 figs complete. I found a sixth one and he is shown prepared here.

 6th Figure complete and basing done prior to painting.

Basing complete.

The unit on the table.

The 6 figures (2 bases) should adequately represent the troop at Sedgemoor at a ratio of 1 fig = 10 actual men.

Figures are Foundry.

Some close-ups:


  1. Very nice. Lovely red again.


  2. More fantastic brushwork, love the green belts, top job!!

  3. Fabulous painting. Inspiring!!