Monday, 20 February 2012

2nd Regiment of Foot Guards at Sedgemoor 1685

Below are Photos of the 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards ( Coldstream Guards) as they appeared at Sedgemoor in 1685. Again, without the grenadier company attached.

These are similar to the 1st Foot guards apart from yellow/ gold lacing on hats, red breches and stockings and gold buttons. The pikemen's scarf trim was red as was the hat ribbon/band.

The Battalion

The Command stand

Musketeer Companies

Pike Company

I have not zoomed in too close with above pics. They just give you a general idea of how the units look.
Below are a couple of zoomed in pics. These leave the painter a little exposed but the reader gets to see where the paint goes (or should go)!! So please don't be too critical as all errors become glaringly obvious.

There is only one battalion to do to complete the King's Foot Regiments at Sedgemoor. That is a second battalion of the First Foot Guards. (There was a smaller unit of reserve called the Wiltshire Militia which I hope to come to at a later date!)

I have sufficient figures to complete this  2nd battalion of Foot Guards and will then use some of the remaining figures to prepare a rebel regiment of foot. I'm quite amazed at how many unpainted castings I have from this period (mainly Dixon and some Foundry.)

The last time I bought these was about 2 years ago when I painted the 5 main Rebel regiments at Sedgemoor which I have since sold (I'll see if I can find a few pics of them and post at a later date.) The castings I am using now come from that purchase and various preceding ones.  


  1. What errors??? They look fantastic!!!

  2. They look very, very good to me. How did you paint those red coats? I like the subtle shade and highlights.

  3. They look excellent! I couldn't see any errors either.

  4. Me neither.
    Lovely artistry !
    The 'red' looks fantastic; a lovely richness to it.
    Very inspiring!!!

  5. I work from a brown undercoat (see tutorial on this blog)so the colours I use below work well for me. (From a black undercoat I tackle the reds slightly differently!!)

    Red - base coat Vallejo Red/ Vermillion 947 (the brown undercoat tones this down)
    then Vallejo Gamecolor Hot Orange 9(keep this coat quite thin.)
    Then a final coat of the Hot Orange with a fine brush catching the top detail and use the paint neat (bit thicker than first coat!!) Hope it works for you.