Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ECW Big Guns

A few more pics of 2 ECW big guns and crew. One intended to be Royalist and the other Parliament. I've gone for the traditional Red sash etc for the Royalists and Orange for the Parliament.

The Royalist gun is being heaved into position with the officer administering instructions.

The Parliament gun is almost in place and there is some 'scurrying' around preparing it for firing.

The figures, guns, crew and accessories, are all from Bicorne (http://www.bicorne.net) - I love their ECW stuff and 'no' I'm not on commission! The gabions I bought years ago - some from Hovels, the others I can't remember.

I've posted these because I have discovered a box of ECW artillery castings and this will inspire me to complete some of those in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted. They include all sizes of guns and a wide selection of crew.

The 2 guns posted here saw action on the wargames table a few weeks ago (my first actual ECW game) and my opponent, the Royalist one, faired much better than mine.

We used the Quindia Studios Rules, Victory Without Quarter, for this game. I really like these rules and the game played out well despite it being a walk through.

I hope Clarence Harrison of Quindia Studios decides, at some point, to publish these rules with all the professionalism, flare and dash he has put into other publications he's been involved in. I really admire his work and talent!


  1. Excellent artillery pieces, I hope they serve you well !


  2. Beautiful job on those guns and minis.

  3. Fantastic painting Sir and I love all the extras you've put on the bases.