Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Olddorg goes ' Old School'

My reference to ‘old school’ is not of the Charles Grant style but the Peter Gilder era and his Connoisseur range of figures back in the late 80s and 90s. It also refers to a particular style of painting not much used today. I’m referring to ‘black lining’ and gloss varnish. This is a style I admired at the time and thought it worked well on Connoisseur Figures.
It's not to everyones taste but as I had the figures I thought I'd give them a go. 

First up is 2 Napoleonic British Light Dragoon Officers which I found in a box of Sedgemoor figures. As it was unpainted I decided to give it the ‘old school’ treatment. Spray Matt white, paint with Humbrol enamels, black line (which takes an age, needs a keen eye and a steady hand) then Gloss varnish.

1st Fig

2nd Fig

Now this is not my usual style of painting. I just wanted to paint it ‘old school’ for the Hell of it!

I frequently visit a site called ‘Unfashionably Shiny’ (  where figures of this style prevail and I get a trip down memory lane.
This style of painting I copied from the talented painter and terrain maker Phil Robinson (Hull.) His work adorned numerous copies of Miniature Wargames and early Wargames Illustreated back in the 80s and 90s.

Next a French mounted infantry officer painted the same way.

The next batch of Gilder figs are painted without the black lining and gloss varnish. I used acrylics except for the brown horses.



Wellington and Hill

Lastly the Connoisseur British (RHA) limber team. This was sitting around in my castings box for years. Bought it when Dave Thomas carried Connoisseur around the shows – long before Foundry and Perry’s.

And close up:

That’s my brief trip down memory lane. Here is a few extre pics of the above:

I may revisit the 'old school' but that's it for now.

Next up and ECW mortar and crew.


  1. An excellent Old School showing - enjoyed those.

  2. Great to see this style of figure and painting again. As a kid I used to gloat longingly and be inspired by the Hinchliffe stand at Model Engineer and Northern Militaire shows (and others), with all those lovely Peter Gilder figures.

  3. I still like the Gilder style of painting and the Hinchliffe / Connoisseur ranges. Lovely job on the figures!

    I sold all mine off over the years, but one of my mates has retained all his old stuff (and some of mine!) and they still look good on the table.

  4. Stunning figures, thanks for Sharing!
    All are superb but Murat is my favourite and his horse is something special.

  5. Some beautiful painting, like Paul above said, love the Murat figure he's definitely the best!!

  6. Great effect you get with the brushes!

  7. Absolutely superb. As much as I admire all the paint work I have seen on this blog, I think these Connoisseur figs are your best work. Like others have mentioned, Murat is particularly spectacular.
    Bravo old school painting! Bravo Connoisseur! And bravo to you.

  8. I heartily agree with the comments above.

    Marvellous painting !!!


  9. Those are all very, very good indeed, but i particularly like the shinies - gorgeous!

  10. Thanks for those comments. Much appreciated and provide the added incentive to paint more!

    Looks like Murat scored well.