Monday, 13 February 2012

An ECW mortar and crew

The vast majority of my unpainted castings are English Civil War figures. These are mainly Bicorne and Renegade Miniatures which I stated painting when they were first released (around 2002!) I really like these figures (sculpted in the main by Nick Collier) and find them a pleasure to paint especially using my painting method outlined in an earlier posting.

 I’ll be posting pics of my existing painted units and newly painted units (and some WIPs ) as I go along.

Here is an ECW mortar and crew from Renegade Miniatures. When I find them I’ll add some gabions etc.  around this base to make it less exposed (and more business- like.) Will hopefully do a work in progress of how I do this.

Next time back to Sedgemoor (hopefully!)


  1. That is a delightful piece of work! So nice to see a 'Roaring Meg'! No discerning 'Early Modern army' should be without one:))!

    Inspiring artwork !!


  2. Another lovely job there and a set not often seen (by me anyway!).