Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More Norman Spearmen

Another batch of Norman spearmen complete.

The Norman Army so far (based or ready for basing!)

I've been spending time preparing and undercoating more Norman spearmen and preparing the cavalry. I'm looking forward to painting the Norman heavy cavalry as for me this is what a Norman army is all about!


  1. great! the painting work is absolutely great! I love them !
    the army grows!
    I'm waiting for the cavalry: I like that kind of figures, maybe more than infantry!

  2. They really are fantastic! i had started with the cavalry this spring and have about 75 done just needing shields(which i cant get around to). Since watching you post your pics ive been touching mine up. Very inspirational and i very much appreciate the time you have taken to present these.

    1. Very impressive!
      Do you put a varnish coat on when finished? Especially curious about the oil wiped horses?

  3. I don't usually varnish my figures at all. I do varnish the shields when I have used shield transfers to remove the glossy sheen.

  4. Very nice figs and photos, a good work!