Thursday, 5 July 2012

Norman Spearmen

The first batch of painted Norman spearmen. The repetative use of some colours here is intentional - it makes painting the figures easier/ a little quicker. When the figs are distributed amongst the different units they should look more random!


Norman armoured archers on the table:

Some Saxons in action:

Archers on the hill

Unarmoured 'lesser' fyrd supporting armoured thegns and huscarls

Archers screening the advancing armoured thegns


  1. Very nice looking Normans - a favorite army for many. Best, Dean

  2. very good painting work!!
    I'm not a specialist of this scale (28mm?) but the figures are really nice!
    I've just finished to paint some Normans from SRELETS in 1/72 scale, but they are are as good as yours!
    I love them!
    (just discovered your blog on TMP..)

  3. Great looking Normans. What paint color did you use for their clothing. The color shades look perfect...