Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Hussites

Just an aside whilst I prepare and paint more Norman spearmen. Thought it would become tedious just to keep posting pics of batches of painted Norman foot so I've decided to show some pics of the Hussites I've painted (and am currently painting) alongside the Normans.


Bought some Kingmaker Hussites a while back. Painted a few at the time but got distracted with other projects. A few pics of the ones I painted are shown below. (Some of these were posted on the Steve Dean forum some time ago.)

Jan Zizka - military leader of the Hussite Army

Next up a couple of Knights

Shield and barding transfers by LBM Studios.

Last year I spent the New Year period in Prague and came back keen to do more Hussites. I visited a travelling 'Hussite Wars' exhibition which was held on 3 floors of one of Prague's famous powder towers and it was fantastic - full of artefacts, information, re-enactors etc, etc. I also bought the trilogy of films on the Hussites (Jan Hus, Jan Zizka and Proti vsem - Against All  .) The key battle scenes are available on youtube and are quite atmospheric.
(Type in Battle of Sudomer on youtube and you'll get the battle scenes.)

When I returned I painted up a few more samples - see below.

I have recently found the black undercoated Hussite figs tucked in amongst my Normans so have painted a few more as they are easy to paint alongside the Normans - same technique and painting style. When the basing is complete I'll post some pics.

I must mention that the inspiration and colour schemes on the above figures came from the fantastic work of Eric Bonsell - if I had not seen his work on the Kingmaker website I may never have bought the figures or looked further into this fascinating period in history.

Next up some peasants/ women from the Hussite wars.


  1. Very nice paint work, sir. Excellent-looking figures.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi,

    amazing paintwork ! as usual, I should say;-)
    thanks for sharing your inspiring techniques;

    Best regards

    gilles " the unmasked frenchjester"

  3. Stunning paintwork!
    one of my favourite periods in medievals. I have the 3 films on DVD..watched them several times..they seem about as historically corre ct clothing etc as can possibly be.

  4. Excellent job, and Prague is a fabulous city which I keep finding myself returning to.