Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Saxon Cavalry

Some pics of the Saxon cavalry which make up part of my Saxon army. These have had 2 outings on the wargames table and didn't perform particularly well (although they looked nice!) This was more likely to be a result of my inexperience as a wargamer rather than their ability to fight - or maybe not!!

Harold on the right

Horses were painted using the 'oil wipe' method. Riders undercoated black then painted in the usual way. Details of both methods given in earlier postings.
Figs are all Crusader Miniatures based for Crusader rules. As the base size is 50 x 50 (for 2 figs) they should be ok with a wide variety of rules.

Shield transfers by LBM Studios.

Some more pics of Saxon cavalry later.


  1. Looking good. Their performance is probably down to newly painted figure syndrome, a well known afflication

  2. even if they are not very efficient, I love their look!

  3. I know the feeling, I'm definitely a painter rather than a wargamer. But they do look very good, I really like the slightly muted palette, it works really well.